Why do people ski in Canada?

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Exceptional ski terrain, large towns with plenty to keep non-skiers happy, and some of the best ski schools around make Canada an ideal winter skiing destination. Whistler Blackcomb is a world-class resort offering a first-class experience, while smaller ski towns like Banff Sunshine and Lake Louise offer great snow and uncrowded slopes.

With its varied terrain, Canada offers skiers world-famous tree skiing and perfect powder fields in addition to big-mountain slalom and freestyle areas. The mountains in western Canada (the ‘Coast and Inland’ zones) are known for their big, above-treeline bowls and steep chutes.

The powder here is lighter and drier than in the US, which means it stays fluffy longer. It’s a big reason why many people spend 1–2 weeks driving from town to town in western Canada, chasing the snow.

In the east, Quebec and Ontario have plenty of trails for all levels, plus atmospheric European-style mountain towns. Mont Tremblant is a good example, with a variety of terrain and plenty of options for beginners as well as expert skiers. There’s also great night skiing, too.

Canada has world-famous resorts that attract visitors from around the globe. But there are also smaller ski areas that provide plenty of uncrowded slopes for skiers and riders to enjoy.

A great example is Marmot Basin in the Canadian Rockies. This family-friendly resort is self-contained and free of cars, with a vibrant village that provides lots of fun activities for non-skiers in your group. Marmot gets a lot of snow (and some of the best powder in all of Canada) and features some spectacular terrain that will thrill skiers and riders of every ability level.

Another fantastic, uncrowded ski area is Fernie in British Columbia. This resort is known for its powder, and its small size appeals to die-hard powder hounds.

While it’s not clear whether Canadians are actually more friendly than other nationalities, the perception is a common one among visitors. Many say it has to do with the harsh winters, which encourage people to look out for each other and offer help.

The people of Stratford are some of the friendliest you’ll find in Canada, with a vibrant arts scene and strong community feel. Master the ‘one finger’ wave when driving, and you’ll quickly feel like a local!

This is Canada’s biggest city, but it has a small-town vibe. Our readers scored it highly for its friendly, neighborly feel. The city’s residents are good-mannered, eager to help, and genuinely warm towards tourists. They also have a fun attitude that’s infectious!

The Canadian Rockies are famous for having the best powder in North America. Whistler Blackcomb is a mega resort that receives an insane amount of snow each year over a vast amount of terrain, ranging from ungroomed tree skiing to steep chutes and ridges.

Fernie is another resort with a cult following for its amazing powder and steep terrain. It is known to receive over 12 meters of fresh powder each season. Skiing this powder is a magical experience that evokes the feelings of your first trip into the backcountry: excitement, anticipation, and nervousness.

The ski terrain in Canada is also a bit drier than the ski areas of the United States, which means that you can enjoy fresh tracks more often, especially during peak season when most resorts have long lift lines. This is why many powder hounds make the trek to Canada.



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